Vendor Lease Solutions

80% of Businesses Lease – Could You Close More Deals?

Our mission is to provide custom finance solutions to your customers and provide your company with solutions for growth. Let us help you sell more:

Leasing as a Sales Tool

Sell a Monthly Payment: wrap business equipment, software, training, installation and more all together in one easy lease payment for your customers. Selling a small monthly payment versus the full selling price helps close the deal!

Increase revenues: customers spend 20% more when financing and 9% of lessees add additional features to their order – capture this additional revenue by offering a finance solution.

Capture Repeat Business: upgrade customer’s equipment on an on-going basis is extremely simple with a lease. You capture repeat business – your customer avoids obsolescence!

Remove the Competition: keep your customer from shopping around by offering a complete solution: products and financing.

Maintain your Relationships: by using a consultative approach, we’ll help guide your customer through the lease process ensuring they have a positive experience.

Increase the ticket size: including soft costs increases the sale price when installation, consultation, training, maintenance, and other fees are rolled into a convenient monthly lease payment.

Specialization: Your dedicated finance team focuses on business allowing us to offer the most competitive programs as well as cater to your business needs and requirements.

Pre-Funding: No need to wait on long shipping or installation schedules to get funded. You get paid faster allowing your money to work harder for you. (This program is available on a pre-approved basis only, please inquire).

Full Service Financing: We’ll help you become a full solution provider and one-stop shop. Include almost any business equipment, new or used as well as soft costs…increasing your average sale!

Your Customers’ Benefits

• Avoid obsolescence. Since upgrading is so easy, the most modern equipment is always available.

• Manage cash flow. Payments will be structured to meet cash flow needs and upgrading a system or adding new equipment is possible without any additional cash outlays. Payments can be structured so monthly payment stays the same simply by extending the lease term.

• Stay competitive. Increase efficiencies and satisfaction by maintaining the latest technology.

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