Benefits of Leasing

The Benefits of Leasing Equipment for Your Business

Conserve Working Capital

Cash isn’t tied up in equipment purchases. Your cash can be used more effectively for investments, discounting supplies, advertising or improvements.


A simple one-page application is all that is needed to begin the credit approval process for an amount up to 75K. No tax returns and no financials needed. A Lease Agreement is usually the only document needed for a lease, which is designed to take the red-tape out of equipment financing.

Budgeting Assistance

A payment schedule can be customized to meet the needs of each customer. Unlike variable rate loans and lines of credit, lease payments are usually fixed, allowing you to budget efficiently.

Obsolescence Protection

With leasing, you can replace equipment before it becomes obsolete, wears out or reduces your productivity and profits.

Extends Credit Lines

Leasing provides a non-conflicting source of credit, thereby increasing your existing credit lines to be available for other uses.

Equipment Pays for Itself

Leasing allows the equipment to be paid for as it generates revenue.

Tax Savings

Leasing offers the option of deducting 100% of the lease payment as a business expense.


Benefit from flexible financing that can be matched to your cash flow patterns.

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